Medium Jenny Lea



I have been sensitive my entire life. I have sensed the unseen. I have felt other’s emotions. I have known things without knowing them. I have always had an interest in the strange, paranormal and unexplainable. For my 16th birthday my Aunt bought me the Osho Zen Tarot. I have been using it ever since with great accuracy. In my mid 20’s I discovered that I am an empath. As a teacher I have honed those skills, being able to help my students when others may not have noticed their struggles. Over four years ago I realized that, yes, I am a medium. I have been all along. I have had numerous experiences throughout my life with spirits. When I had my revelation that those experiences meant I could talk to them when I wanted; I started practicing those skills as well. I have studied with J. Marie, Cindy Kaza and Paul Jacobs. I give tarot and medium readings weekly on my Twitch channel, as well as private and small group readings. I can remote view into people’s past lives. I offer classes on a variety of subjects. I create art with spirits and have recently begun channeling messages from Divine Mother. I also have visitors regularly: family, friends and those in need of help. If you are in need of help that my services might be able to ease, please contact me.

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